Webix File Manager

Webix File Manager is a customizable JavaScript widget that will assist you in managing all hierarchical data, (e.g., folders and files).

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What is File Manager?

Its look and feel is similar to desktop file explorers. That is why you won’t spend lots of time to adapt to this widget’s behavior. Webix File manager supports dynamic loading of data. What is more, with the updated user interface you can show and hide the tree.

Due to the fact that Webix File Manager is based on HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, it can be effortlessly embedded into your web app to edit and manage stored files and folders.

Why File Manager?

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Due to the fact that Webix File Manager is based on HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, it can be effortlessly embedded into you web app to edit and manage the stored files and folders.

You can perform various operations with application data, including Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, and Rename, with the help of a context menu triggered by clicking the right mouse button.

Flexible Layout

Webix File Manager is very easy to configure. You can extend the functionality of this component by adding the features that are necessary to meet your project requirements. It is possible to do due to the rich Webix API.

Drag - and - Drop

One more useful function of this web file manager is the support of the drag-and-drop functionality, which allows moving files and folders inside the Tree as well as between the Tree and Files views.

The content of folders (nested folders and files) can be displayed in two modes: “Files” and “Table”. You can switch between these views by using the segmented button located on the top-right corner.

With the Webix File manager, you can easily upload files from your PC by choosing the “Upload”; action oin the popup menu. There is also a possibility to download files from the widget by double-clicking or by pressing the Enter key.

By the way, it is possible to create any number of new folders by means of the corresponding action on the context menu. To add a file to your file manager, primarily you should upload it.


Here you may find very useful educational articles and demos that will help you learn all the functionalities of the File Manager widget.

API Reference

A fully-detailed description of the widget’s events, methods, and properties that will facilitate the process of web apps development.

The built-in search will allow you not to get lost among a large number of folders and files and quickly find the data that is necessary at the moment.

Thus, by using Webix File Manager, you’ll get a cross-browser widget for managing files that don’t require installation, and it will provide you with an excellent user experience.