Chat / Messenger - JavaScript widget for web communication

Chat widget is the JavaScript web application for exchanging direct messages between users within the application. JavaScript Chat allows organizing chat rooms with several users with an opportunity to manage the list of contacts and the look of the chat itself. Webix has united Chat and Messenger functionalities in the same JS complex widget that you can download and integrate into your business application.

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1. Chats

List of group chats

2. Users

List of contacts and an opportunity to send private messages

3. 'Creating a group/ channel'

Choosing users for the new chat room

4. 'Setting the channel'

Setting the list of the participants and the look (name + icon) of the channel

Application areas of the Webix Chat widget


Sales, consulting customers

Communication with potential buyers and website visitors

Support service

Support service

Live Chat with the users of the business application or site

Corporate chat

Corporate chat

Exchanging messages within
the corporate portal

In-App Chat

In-App Chat

A convenient tool for private messages inside any business application

Webix Chat / Messenger Features


  • List of chats
  • Possibility to send messages to several users


  • Choosing icon for the channel
  • Setting the chat name


  • Searching and selecting contacts for the chat channel


  • Channel information output
  • Changing the list of participants
  • Opportunity to leave the channel


  • Contacts enumeration
  • Opportunity to send private messages


  • The ability to communicate via audio and video calls


  • The ability to share files with each other as well as download them


  • The ability to add emoji to messages

JavaScript Chat / Messenger Live demo


Chat / Messenger JavaScript coding samples

Switching Locale

Switching Locale

Ability to switch languages inside the working field

Compact Skin

Compact Skin

Ability to see a greater number of elements in the visible working area

Date formatting

Date formatting

Ability to edit the time of sending a message

Single commone room

Single commone room

Ability to display only one chat in a single window

Advantages of the Webix Chat / Messenger

Ready-made solution for user management

An elaborate solution with numerous features ready for integration into any system

Easy setup and customization

Simple design setup, simple functionality customization.

Easy backend integration

Explicit Integration with PHP, Node.js, Golang and .NET.

Webix environment

Operating in the same eco-environment of the Webix library.

Easy frontend integration

Сan work with all modern frameworks. You can use it standalone or inside the React of an Angular app.

Cross platform and browser support

Support of All Modern browsers.

Webix Chat / Messenger licensing