Webix Pivot Table

Webix Pivot is a perfect JavaScript widget for creating interactive table reports that can be embedded into your web pages or applications.

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What is Pivot Table?

Pivot tables allow you to extract the significance from the massive, detailed data sets.

In other words, it is perfect for automatic organizing, summarizing and comparing complex data from database files. For easily comparison of the numbers all you need is to create a Pivot Chart and to add a filter.

Why Pivot?

Webix Pivot widget
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a Pivot Chart.
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You can use this component for sorting, counting, total spreadsheeting, or giving the average of the large datasets stored in one table or spreadsheet. In other words, Pivot provides you with an opportunity to analyze information, detect patterns and relationships, and discover trends.

Coherent guide that will assist you in building JavaScript Webix Pivot.

Includes step-by-step tutorials and guides, plenty of samples, a technical description of UI components, and API reference.

With Pivot, your data will be arranged like a tree. Child groups can be expanded and collapsed to show summarized or more detailed reports. It provides you with plenty of options for component customizing and lots of APIs for data loading.

Webix Pivot widget

If you would like to present data in Pivot from a different angle, you shouldn't create new templates. The structure of data in Pivot table can be easily changed by dragging and dropping its fields, rows, and columns or by adding additional filters in them graphically.

Webix Pivot easily loads thousands of records without changing its usual high-rendering speed.

Pivot table is fully client-side. It allows you to get rid of unnecessary requests to the server.

Pivot enables you to load report data from external sources, a local drive, or other reports. Withal, the report data can be exported as a PDF file, PNG format, Excel, CSV page. It quickly displays complex data from SQL databases or static CSV files into easy-to-use visual reports — tables. Pivot runs in all modern browsers and on any kind of device (desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, terminals).

  • Pivot tables are very easy to develop. If you want to learn how to create a Pivot Table, start with our Pivot tutorial.
  • To start coding, first, download Webix Pivot.