Webix Kanban

Webix Kanban Board is a JavaScript and HTML5 widget that can be used for building easy-to-use and feature-rich Kanban Boards.

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What Is Kanban Board?

Kanban Board is a useful tool for visualizing your day-to-day workflow. It's an advanced approach that will help you manage your business process with an emphasis on just-in-time delivery!

With the Webix Kanban Board component, the members of your team are always aware of other participants' progress in work, which leads to increased communication and collaboration.

Thus, by using this widget, you will enable the smooth flow of work and not overload the team members.

Why Kanban?

With Webix Kanban, you will

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Moreover, you can collapse panels with the tasks that are currently not necessary right now and expand the list with the required tasks. It is also possible to drag-and-drop task cards from one column to another with ease just like on a real Kanban Board.

Easily Embeddable

easily embeddable Kanban Board

This Kanban widget is written by using JavaScript and CSS, which allows you to integrate it in your web app with ease.

Flexible Layout

Flexible Layout as a part of Kanban Board widget

You can add any number of task cards and columns, thanks to the flexible Webix Layout, which is a main part of Webix Kanban.

Webix Kanban allows you to create a board with a complex structure. You can add subtasks or split big processes into substages to illustrate your compound workflow.

Webix Kanban also include such a great feature as swinlanes, that allow visually distinguish job sharing and responsibilities for sub-processes.

compound workflow by means of Webix Kanban

In addition, the UI of this feature-rich widget is fully configurable and can be easily customized and extended according to your requirements. You can add color highlighting, extra lists, team avatars, notifications, various HTML elements, and more with ease. It all depends on your imagination.


Documentation for Kanban Board widget

Clear articles and nice demos, rich API and other useful infromation that will assist you in learning Webix Kanban.


Kanban widget tutorial

Easy-to-learn guide that will help you start working with Webix Kanban and build your own feature-rich Kanban Board.

With Webix UI, you can load and save various data formats in a few ways: custom scripts, REST, local storage, and beyond. Kanban Board is based on Webix widgets. That’s why it supports all techniques and data types of the library.

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