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webix mobile scheduler
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Webix Mobile Scheduler

Webix Mobile Scheduler is a lightweight JavaScript/HTML5 calendar that allows creating and managing events.

This event calendar can be effortlessly embedded into your app or website and then customized in accordance with your preferences.

Its interactive UI is optimized for various types of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android etc). In addition, scheduler looks great even on small screens and processes all touch events flawlessly.

With Webix Scheduler, you can create both single- and multi-day events that will be nicely displayed on your mobile screen.

Want to get a full-featured JavaScript Scheduler


If you want to have a scheduler with rich functionality including multiple resource views, integration with Google Maps and beyond, you should check the following dhtmlx JavaScript event calendar.

Moreover, this powerful scheduler is fully compatible with Webix UI.

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Fast editing

fast calendar events editing

You can easily edit any event by tapping on it and then changing its data with the help of Scheduler’s user-friendly interface that includes inbuilt calendars.

Styling with CSS

styling with css

Use CSS to achieve the desired calendar appearance. You can apply it either to the whole mobile scheduler or to its separate elements.

Webix Scheduler displays events in three basic views: Day, Week and Month. It is possible to switch between views by using the corresponding toolbar tabs at the bottom of the calendar.

three basic views in Webix Scheduler

This event calendar supports recurring events, which can be repeated on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis. You can adjust the parameters of recurrence in the corresponding event editor.

Besides, Webix Mobile Scheduler can be easily localized in accordance with your language and regional standards.


Scheduler documentation

Webix Scheduler has a clear documentation with detailed articles about the configuration and customization of the calendar.


The samples of Webix Mobile Planner

Evaluate the performance of Webix Mobile Scheduler with the help of the following demos.

Webix library provides many approaches for loading and saving data. Scheduler supports all of them including local storage, REST and many other modes.

This Webix calendar is written in JavaScript and CSS, which means that you can use it with any server-side technology.

To start building your own event planner: