Scheduler: JavaScript online calendar widget

Webix Scheduler is a web calendar that can be integrated into any business application. You can use this solution for planning events, scheduling meetings, booking items and so on. Scheduler is created as a web widget, which allows you to integrate it into any browser based solution: website, IoT panel, single page app.

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1. Events groups (streams)

  • Groupping events from different calendars or sources
  • Configuring the events display for the selected group
  • Creating a new calendar (group)

2. Events

  • Activities lasting several days
  • Recurring events

3. Creating and editing events

  • Recurring events
  • Color setting
  • Selecting a channel (calendar)

4. Agenda view mode

  • Activities lasting several days
  • Recurring events

5. Timeline mode

  • events in the form of lines
  • timeline in three modes: day, week, month

6. Division into sections

  • each day has several vertical divisions, where the events are displayed one after the other

Webix Scheduler features


  • Fullscreen display of the events
  • Compact mode


  • Recurring events
  • Color setting
  • Selecting a channel (calendar)


  • End-to-end list of all events


  • List of the events planned for the current date


  • One day schedule


  • List of the events planned for the current week


  • Current month events viewer


  • The ability to display events grouped by any attribute along a horizontal timeline. The scale is presented in 3 modes: day, week, month.


  • The ability to divide the schedule of a particular day into specific sections (each day can have several vertical sections).


  • The ability to add new events to the Scheduler workspace using drag-and-drop
  • The ability to copy and paste events using familiar hotkeys (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V)

The Scheduler widget application areas

JavaScript Scheduler is used to develop the applications that require the implementation of scheduling, following the agenda, booking or time tracking functions. Webix Scheduler is easy to customize, which allows to create any applications with the calendar functionality based on it.

online calendar

Classic online calendar

Calendar and planning tools built into any web application

schedule planning

Working schedule planning

Arranging meetings, reserving meeting rooms

time tracking

Working time tracking

The systems for keeping the records of the employees' working time

Equipment reservation

Equipment reservation and accounting of operating time

Apps for reserving and registration the equipment rentals

Project management systems

Project management systems

Applications for planning and setting tasks

appartment booking

Applications for appartment booking

Search and booking systems for hotels, guest houses, appartments

Scheduler Live demo

Scheduler JavaScript coding samples



Convenient calendar viewing on different resolution screens

Switching Locales

Switching Locales

Ability to switch languages inside the calendar

Working Days in Week

Working Days in Week

Ability to mark tasks during the day on a 5-day working week

Compact Skin

Compact Skin

Ability to see a greater number of calendar items on the screen

Advantages of the Webix Scheduler

Ready-made solution for time management

An elaborate solution with numerous features ready for integration into any system

Easy setup and customization

Simple design setup, simple functionality customization.

Easy backend integration

Explicit Integration with PHP, Node.js, Golang and .NET.

Webix environment

Operating in the same eco-environment of the Webix library.

Easy frontend integration

Сan work with all modern frameworks. You can use it standalone or inside the React of an Angular app.


All elements can be adjusted through API, without need to edit anything in source codes (which are provided by the way).

Webix Scheduler licensing