Webix Toolbar is a cross-browser JavaScript widget that allows creating an attractive and feature-rich horizontal toolbar.

Webix Toolbar
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Alignment in the ToolbarView Demo

The Toolbar elements can be effortlessly aligned according to the parameters you specify.

Alignment in the Webix Toolbar
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CustomizableView Demo

You can effortlessly customize the look of this JavaScript toolbar widget by changing its various parameters, including color, font, borders, position and more. If you add different controls (buttons, icons, combos, etc.) into the Webix toolbar you can significantly change its design and functionality.

Customizable Webix Toolbar
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Different Button Styles

The Toolbar widget buttons are also highly customizable. They allow text and images to be displayed in various sizes (usually 18, 24, 32 and 48) and colors.

Different Button Styles in the Webix Toolbar

Browsers Compatibility

Webix JavaScript toolbar is perfectly supported by all major modern browsers.

Easy Styling with CSS

The Toolbar’s appearance is entirely created with the help of CSS which makes the widget highly customizable and attractive.

Ready for Touch Devices

Mobile web apps created with participation of this JavaScript toolbar run correctly on such touch devices as iPad, iPhone, Android devices.

Windows and Popups