JavaScript HTML-oriented UI widgets

Template, Video and Iframe let you embed any HTML content into applications

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  • Integration: jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone
  • Support of All Modern browsers
  • Ready for Touch Devices
  • Meets Section 508
  • Quick styling with CSS



Webix includes several widgets that allow adding HTML content to applications: Template, Video and Iframe. Template can include plain text or HTML markup. Video is based on HTML5 video tag. Iframe allows embedding any external document into an application.


Iframe helps you display web pages inside apps. Using Webix Iframe API is flexible and lets you perform various operations on Iframes. You can load whole pages or show only certain page parts. You can add a progress bar or a progress icon that will be shown until the page is fully loaded. You can also add a control to switch between several pages.


Template allows adding any HTML content to your app. Webix provides four predefined types of Templates: with a thin grey border, borderless, "header" for parts of app interface and "section" from blocks of Form controls. The content of Template can be either plain text, or HTMl markup with text, or a single data item. Template API allows setting the content dynamically.


Video helps to embed video files into applications. It is based on HTML5 "video" tag and provides support for MP4, WebM and Ogg video files. Video API lets you customize it: enable or disable default controls, add your own controls, and enable autoplay.