Popup is a Javascript widget that allows the creation of alerts for a user. It reminds Webix Window by functionality, however, unlike it, it disappears as you click somewhere outside it.

Webix Popup
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Any custom HTML object (image, text, etc.) or another Webix widget can be inserted into Webix Popup. This widget can also be used for creating a popup menu, that will be attached to a corresponding button.

Popup Menu
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Modal/Modaless State

Popup has both modal and modeless state. In modal mode its child window triggers and doesn't allow users to continue working with the application until they interact with it. Modeless popup dissapears from a screen as soon as a user dismisses it.

Browsers Compatibility

Webix popup widget runs flawlessly across all modern browsers like IE8+, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Styling with Standard CSS

You can define the appearance of Popup fully with CSS, which significantly simplifies work with its visual part.

Ready for Touch Devices

Webix Popup performs properly on most modern touch devices. All touch events are performed correctly even on small screens.

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