Window widget help you emphasize important information to end-users. It has practically the same properties and methods as its desktop analogue, making interactions with users very easy.

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Modal/Modaless State

With Webix Window, you can choose between two states of the widget: modal and modeless. Modal window is a child window that requires users to interact with it before allowing the application to continue. Modeless window is a secondary (child) window that stays active on the user’s screen until it’s dismissed. It can be minimized or hidden behind other windows.

Browsers Compatibility

Webix Windows widget is supported by major modern browsers like IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Styling with Standard CSS

CSS fully defines the appearance of Window, which makes it easy to control the appearance of the widget at all times.

Ready for Touch Devices

This widget can be used on mobile apps that operate and look great on popular touch devices.

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