JavaScript Map UI Widget

Webix offers an HTML JavaScript Map widget based on Google Maps API that allows you to integrate JS maps directly into your app. You can load data into the JS map and work with it like with any other Webix data widget.

Using Markers on Your JavaScript MapView Demo

You can set and display labels on your JavaScript Map, move them, hide them, animate them and provide additional information with info windows.

JavaScript Maps UI Widget
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Adding Tooltips with Info WindowsView Demo

You can add extra info, such as a text or an image, to a particular tooltip info to a particular marker. When user clicks such tooltip, a neat pop-up window appears above the marker.

Configuring HeatmapView Demo

While using the heatmap layer type for your JavaScript map, you can adjust its configuration settings according to your needs. Webix API allows tuning all available heatmap properties, such as opacity, gradient, radius, etc.

Heatmap JS Map UI widget
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Frameworks Support

JavaScript widget can be integrated with jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone frameworks.


JavaScript Map can load data from JSON, XML, JSArray, CSV files and also allows you to use your own formats of data.

Easy Styling with CSS

The appearance of the widget is defined fully with CSS.

Cross Platform Support

The widget is compatible with all devices and browsers, including IE8+, the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

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