Property Sheet UI widget

Property Sheet is an editable and configurable list of properties. Its primary purpose is to display the properties of a particular component such as width, height, color and others in the neat and compact way. This component can be used in visual editors that allow users to change the look and behavior of the components and instantly see the results.

Editing DataView Demo

According to the nature of a property that you're going to change, PropertySheet provides you with the possibility to use different editing modes. If you want to change a simple numeric value, a simple text editor will be used. In the case, if your goal is to change the color value, PropertySheet will allow you to pick a particular color from a pop-up Colorboard window.

Adding New Editor TypesView Demo

the default editing modes aren't enough for your needs, you can register custom editors. For example, instead of using the Colorboard with the rich color palette you can use a drop-down menu that contains several available options.

Custom Popup EditorsView Demo

Instead of using standard popup editors, you can define custom ones based on the Webix Popup Window. This feature allows you to specify custom logic to meet the needs of your project.

Browsers Compatibility

Our JavaScript Property Sheet are compatible with modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, IE8+, Firefox and Opera.

Ready for Touch Devices

Property Sheet can be used in mobile web apps that run on touch devices (iPad, iPhone, Android).

Browsers Compatibility

The widget works flawlessly across all modern browsers such as IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Support for Popular Data Formats

Property Sheet widget allows loading data in XML, JSON, JSArray and CSV formats and then using them freely with your existing web-services.

Easy Styling with CSS

The appearance of the DataView can be easily customized with CSS.

Integration with Frameworks

JavaScript Property Sheet can be integrated with jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone.


The widget meets the main requirements of the WAI standards and presupposes equal access to web resources for people with diverse abilities.

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