TreeMap is a JavaScript widget, which allows representing complex hierarchical data in a compact form.

Webix TreeMap
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StylingView Demo

Widget is very flexible, you can set different styles, which are easily and simply inherited from the tree.

One-Level RenderingView Demo

It allows you to display only the first-level branches.

CompactnessView Demo

Thanks to its size and features of the structure it can display on the screen a very large number of items at once.

Webix TreeMap


It can be easily incorporated into any of Webix components.

Handy navigationView Demo

Webix Tree nodes containing child nodes can be easily expanded or collapsed with a single click in order to keep the screen clear of superfluous information.

Browser compatibility

Webix TreeMap operates effectively across all popular browsers like IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Apple Safari.

Webix TreeMap

Ready for Touch Devices

Mobile apps developed with TreeMap widget operate on most modern touch devices, like iPad, iPhone, Android.

Windows and Popups
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