JavaScript layout widgets library

Webix JS layout widgets are suitable for the development of business applications and corporate solutions of all kinds. See for yourself; download the trial version of our library with 99+ HTML5 UI components and ready-to-use responsive widgets for free.

Dashboard JavaScript widget

This component allows creating flexible and data-rich dashboards. You can try various ways of elements organization by combining several widgets. Thanks to the drag-and-drop mode it's possible to customize dashboards according to your taste and business requirements.

Webix Dashboard JS widget
GridLayout JS widget

It's a flexible widget for the effortless placing of UI elements into the grid cells. This component allows designing clear and light layouts. It's a perfect fit in case you need a simple but effective UX solution.

Webix GridLayout web widget
JS Layout widget

The widget allows creating the layout of an app's interface. You can divide a page into rows and columns. Thanks to the responsive design standards an app's UI looks excellent on the screens of any size. You can also build complex layouts by nesting one layout into another.

Webix widget layout js
Accordion UI widget

Сollapsible panels of this widget allow you to save space on the web page leaving only the info that you need at the moment. You can create compact responsible interfaces with the opportunity to arrange rows and columns vertically or horizontally. You can also put other Webix widgets inside accordion panels.

Webix accordion JS web widget
Portlet UI widget

It's a convenient tool for creating customized interfaces from multiple widgets. A user can drag components to any place on the page. It's the best way of changing an app's structure without writing more code.

Webix Portlet JS widget