JavaScript Window and Popup widgets

JavaScript Window and Popup widgets allow you to emphasize important information to end users.

Context UI widget

The Context widget is a pop-up window which can be called by a right mouse button click. You can place any HTML element or UI component into this widget.

Webix Context UI widget
Popup UI widget

Popup is a window for creating alerts. Modal and modeless states define the way end users can close windows. It is also possible to set the size and positioning of Popup.

Webix Popup UI widget
Tooltip UI widget

Tooltip UI widget JavaScript Tooltip is a widget which allows displaying text or any HTML content when an end user moves the cursor to a particular place. 

Webix Tooltip UI widget
Window UI widget

JavaScript Window helps you underline certain information to an end user. This widget looks almost the same as a desktop window which considerably alleviates interaction with an app.

Webix Window UI widget